There’s nothing quite like the euphoric elation of engagement. You can’t stop smiling. You float around in a dreamlike state of pure love and utter happiness. Life is good. All is well. Then, something happens. . . you hear a string of questions that forces you to raise your gaze from your ring for the first time in days and brings you crashing back to reality. . .

“When’s the big day?” “What are your colors?” “Who are your bridesmaids?” “What’s your  song?” “Where are you getting married?” 

Time to dust off the Pinterest board and get your checklist ready, Wedding Planning Mode has officially been activated! 

Now, the first item on that wedding checklist is a big one, possibly the most important of all: 

The venue. Should be easy, right?

The truth is, booking a wedding venue can be tricky. The process looks like this: research event spaces online, fill out the contact form, wait for a response, confirm availability for your date, email back and forth to schedule a tour, take the tour, hear the sales pitch, learn the prices and policies, make sure it fits the budget. . . repeat, repeat, and repeat again until you’ve found the one. Couples spend countless hours stuck in this redundant, tedious, and time-consuming cycle of venue selection.   

We knew there had to be a better way to book the perfect venue and we believed wholeheartedly that it didn’t have to be a process.

We are Venvue. You’re going to love us!

We’re the creative, innovative, and multi-faceted solution to a pesky and prevalent wedding industry problem.Our fully immersive and streamlined experience allows you to search and tour (yes, tour!) wedding venues in 3D on any device, anywhere, at any time. You get access to complete info on each potential venue including style, capacity, food and liquor policies, and availability. We even created a way for you to see the spaces with different layouts and decor to help you envision your big day. When you’ve narrowed down your options you can schedule an on-site tour if you want or go right ahead and make your reservation. You can do it all through Venvue with ease . . . and a glass of wine from the comfort of home. 

So sit back, relax, and start planning your dream wedding!!